Safety Update

Covid-19 Safety Update

By now, you have probably received a hundred emails regarding Covid-19 so we will try to keep this short. We will be modifying our operations to keep us all safe. We can deliver successful treatment without risking the spread of disease.

The following are important changes if you have an upcoming appointment:
1. Please reschedule your appointment if:
  • You exhibit a fever, cough, or any other flu-like symptoms
  • You have traveled within the last 30 days to an outbreak area
  • You have come in contact with anyone who is suspected of being exposed to COVID-19
  • Someone you know has had flu-like symptoms
2. We will be limiting the number of patients and accompanying parties for appointments.
  • Our schedule has been adjusted to allow for fewer patients at any given time.
  • Only one person should accompany each patient. if needed. We understand that school is out. If you are unable to make care arrangements for other family members, please reschedule your appointment to limit your family's potential exposure.
  • Only the patients being treated will be allowed in clinical areas.
3. All common areas and patient areas are being disinfected at an increased rate.
  • There will be no eating or drinking in the reception areas.
  • We will have materials to sanitize yours hands upon your arrival.
  • If you would prefer to wait in your care, please call or text us when you arrive, and we will be happy to escort you directly to a treatment area when we are ready for you.
4. Universal precautions will be strictly enforced to all those treating patients.

While there is a lot of uncertainly at this point, we remain committed to providing the best practices and care for our patients. Thank you for your understanding and please stay safe!

Dr. Linaben Mistry
And the whole team at Pineville Dentistry
*Content source: Mckee Dental (thanks y’all)